experience" in abs

with auxiliary facilities and systemat

ic development plann

ing, to improve the external conditions for their economic prosperity.BLACK-BOX OPERATIONS V▓S. A TRANSPARENT PLANWestern

critics are inclined to use "black-box operations" to describe B&R cooperation, saying that China has an opaque system when it comes to initiative-related ▓decision-making.However, officials and experts say from notion to action, the BRI advocates and adhere

s to the principle of transparency and inclusiveness."Chi▓na has kicked off t

orbing capita▓l and

he initiative, but it is up t▓o others

to join and play the

game together," said Ruan Zongze, executive vice president of t▓he China Institute of International Stud▓ies.Direct

or-general of the UN Food and Agriculture▓ Organization Jose Gr

aziano da Silva praised China for pursuing inclusiveness development with no o

management, and t

ne▓ left behind, and Caroline Kennedy-P

ipe, an expert on in

ternational security from Britain, believed n▓o dangers were detected in Chinese investment and that B&R cooper

ation is transparent.Nothing▓ could better exemplify the succes

s of the initiative than the significant traction enjoyed by the BRI.To date

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